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Founded in 2016, Pallid Falcon provides athletes with innovative sportsgear for various purposes. We are located in Germany, and this is where our quality standard and drive for new technology stems from. We strive to make the workout of our athletes easier and more efficient. Nothing at Pallid Falcon is standard. Our products are designed and developed by us, as well as in cooperation with our partners. Such partners are chosen very carefully, ensuring that quality and innovation remain our top priorities. Our motivation lies in the conviction, that living an active life is the key to health and happiness. No matter if you are a professional or a hobby athlete, we make sure that you are equipped with everything you need for reaching your goals.

We are Product Developers, Athletes, Innovators and Visionaries. We Provide Tomorrow’s Sportsgear. Today.

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Pallid Falcon combines quality, sustainability and innovation in a strong global brand. Innovation is our core competence.

Pallid Falcon® is a registered trademark. Register number: 302016214750. Trademark infringement will be legally prosecuted.

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