Impact - Advanced workout system©

Impact - AWS© is an innovative two-layer exercise mat that is primarily designed as a baselayer for rope skipping. Due to its special features it is perfectly suited as a regular exercise mat.



The anti-slip surface layer prevents your rope from wearing out and provides you a perfect stand while exercising.



The cushioning layer reduces the stress on your joints, as it absorbs the energy of the impact. Due to the effective energy absorption, you need more force to push off, providing a more effective workout for your legs.

IMPACT - AWS© Technology

  • Purpose built composite foam
  • Recovers its initial shape within a split of a second after each compression
  • Minimizes the stress on your joints
  • Boosts the training effect for your muscles, especially your calves
  • Eco friendly as 100% recycled material
  • Robust vinyl (100% phtalate free)
  • Anti-Slip coating for perfect hold
  • Avoids damage to the rope

Advanced Workout System©, abbreviated AWS©, describes the composite of high-tech compostie foam and vinyl. While training both materials perform various functions, that make the athletes' workout easier and more efficient. AWS© is unique in its configuration and has convinced multiple customers worldwide. Go try it yourself!

What Makes Impact So Special?




                        Eco Friendly

              ZERO MEMORY EFFECT

Versatile use cases


Due to its special features Impact is as well suitable as an exercise mat for multiple other disciplines such as Crossfit, Boxing, MMA, Calisthenics, Yoga and many more.

Technical Overview


deployed: 1800mm X 650mm X 14mm

furled: 650mm X 180mm X 180mm

Vinyl (100% phthalate free)

Composite foam

Adhesive fealing




4 Kg 2 Intermediate 1.0

made in germany


We manufacture sololy within the Republic of Germany. 100 Percent. For our customers' health, for the environment and for fair wages. This will never change.



For working out on this mat we recommend our lightweight aluminum speedrope Al-Speedrope.      

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